London Day 4: Mayhem In Oxford Street

Today is all about shopping.  We wanted to have some shopping the moment we stepped on British soil but our tight schedule forbade us.  Our itinerary for this day should have been to visit Hyde Park, Harrods and join a Sandeman’s free tour but never mind that.  We’ve got some unfinished business with Oxford Street!  This busy and chaotic shopping street is lined with flagship stores from low to high end brands. There‘s something for everyone.  They have H&M, Topman/Topshop, M&S, Debenhams, Urban Outfitters, River Island, New Look, Next, Bershka, Selfridges, Pull and Bear, Primark, the list could go on.  

This place is full of life.  Imagine this: people rushing into their favorite stores, girls smiling from ear to ear while carrying hundreds of shopping bags, and locals snubbing the tourists that blocks the entire pavement to get their pictures taken with the countless double decker bus.  To just sit on a café and watch these all unfold is entertaining.  The vibrant atmosphere will get you. This street is not for the faint hearted.  Shoppers show their true colors when put under adverse circumstances.  They would kill for the last pair of shoes or the last size of shirt.  It’s a jungle out there.  Be warned.

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  1.  If you plan to shop at Primark go there early.  It gets crowded by noon.  It will take you ages to get inside a fitting room.  I think 50% of the shoppers at Oxford Street are at Primark. 
  2. Visit the high-end department store Selfridges. It’s a destination in its own right.

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